Monday, February 18, 2008

Sweetheart Dinner

This past Saturday night we went for dinner at the Felt Mansion. It was a fundraiser for the church youth group and the Zeeland High School Jazz band. It was a beautiful snowy night and the mansion was incredible! My mom mentioned that her father had some part in creating the woodwork there and as we walked around; I wondered if I was looking at some of his craftsmanship. I wish I had known him.


aimee said...

Nice glam shot there! I hope that the fundraiser was successful for all involved. I've been there once for a Christmas tour and it's lovely inside. Nice to know that you have a family location to the place. Maybe the folks in charge of the restoration project have some records that would indicate your grandfather's work there - wouldn't hurt to ask.


KayakChickee said...

Yeah, I should check and see if they have any old ledgers that might mark payment to him or something. I never knew him, he died when my mom was young.