Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was saddened this afternoon to read that the website is shutting down the end of the month. I suppose there is still a chance that someone will resurrect it and that it won't happen, but I am prepared for the worst. I've PMed all my "buddies" on the site and maybe they will follow me here and we can continue to trade. I'll greatly miss the contact, the galleries, the discussions, and the great ideas but most of all the swaps and trades.

I had committed to doing one ATC a day for the year 2008 and posting them on that site. Perhaps I will post them here.

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aimee said...

That's a shame! Do you know why it's shutting down? Just got too big to manage? I suppose there is, as you say, a chance that someone will start up another one, or maybe you can find another similar group online. In the meantime, please do post some of your ATC's here!