Thursday, February 21, 2008

My knitted past...

These are a couple of things that I've knitted in the past.

The first is a swing coat via Vogue Knitting from the 1940s. It was reprinted by them in the late 1980s. It was quite the undertaking for me and I haven't done anything this complicated since.

The second is a tank sweater done within the last few years. I had to reknit the front since my son sucked it up with the vacuum when I was a inch away from finishing it! He felt so bad that I couldn't even get mad at him. A horrible sweater to knit since it was entirely K1, P1. It doesn't even fit! (sigh)

Currently, I am working on a "Harry Potter" scarf, started in July 2007 while my son and I were waiting in line at Barnes & Noble to register for the seventh book release party. When I finish it I will tell the whole story.

I finished reknitting a pair of wristlets last night. I have to sew them up and then I can try them out. They were too loose before; so I thought to reknit them, now I'm afraid they may be too small.

Well, such is my knitting life. At least the scarf will fit, right?

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