Friday, February 8, 2008

New Post = First Post

Hey there! I thought for my first post I would tell how I came to decide to do this blog. I have a couple of "creative" friends who have blogs here; Kelli Perkins and Becky Teusink, and I've been so inspired by their creativity and their sharing it with the world; that I decided to do that too. Thank you for your inspiration.

My interests and what I hope to share here are: knitting, ATCs, rubberstamping, card making, watercolor painting, and misc. altered art projects.

A shout out to the gals from the ATC class: Kelli, Marianne, Lori, & Aimee and to my family for their love, support, new studio (Thanks Bob!) and allowing me the time to be creative. Thanks for your challenges and inspiration!


aimee said...

Hiya Ms. Kayakchickee and congrats on setting up your blog! Maybe I'll follow suit sometime. Loved the image you selected for the first post!


Anonymous said...

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