Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sky Scarf, May, 2012

Today is the last day of May and it's grey. You can see the two balls of grey yarn stuck on the end of this needle after I did my two rows for today. It hasn't rained yet, but it might sometime within the next couple of days, so I'm not cutting the yarn yet. The sky today was an overall grey, no blue, no white, nothing but grey. I'm not depressed by this at all. The temperature is in the high 50s, I think. Very comfortable for me. Anyone who knows me, knows I like it cold and melt when the temps get above 70. I won't even say how I feel when it hits 90. I don't like to think about it. LOL.

It actually was pretty sunny this month, lots of blue yarn.

Anyway, I just ordered and received a skein of the light grey and the light blue. I was down to the two small balls of the light grey that you see in the photo and one very small ball of the light blue. I'm hoping that these two additional skeins will get me through the year. Just a reminder, I'm using Cascade 220 Fingering held double. I ordered it from here and it runs $5.00 a skein. I initially bought five skeins; two blues, two greys and a white. Personally, I could have gotten away with one blue and one grey, but I have used the darker shades a couple of times.

Tomorrow, we'll start the month of June and we'll see what the skies hold for us. Thanks for stopping by and comment if you enjoyed this post.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

“Bouquet of Art” Miniatures

Here are my two entries in the “Bouquet of Art” Miniature show at Washington Square Art Gallery. They be sponsoring an exhibit for all Holland Friends of Art members during the month of June, 2012. Both of these paintings are watercolors and approximately 3 x 4" in size. The Washington Square Art Gallery is located at 453 Washington Avenue here in Holland, Michigan.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today is the final day of Tulip Time, 2012, here in Holland, Michigan or as everyone has dubbed it this year, "Stem Fest, 2012". The weather here in Michigan has been unseasonably warm all year and the tulips started blooming in March. Honestly, they lasted a lot longer than I thought they would and they were beautiful. Unfortunately, they were almost all gone by the time our festival started.

However, it is also the day before Mother's Day and I decided to paint some blank greeting cards for the moms. There are twenty tulip cards here, two of each ten designs. I hope they like them. I had to paint like a maniac since the cards didn't come in until Wednesday afternoon.

I thought if I grouped them all together like this, it would almost look like one of the tulip lanes here in town.

Happy Tulip Time and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers traditional and otherwise!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sky Scarf, April, 2012

Here is the Sky Scarf at the end of April. Right now it's almost three feet long. If I do my math correctly, this scarf will be nearly nine feet long by the end of the year. That will be a LONG, cozy, scarf! I have discovered that I am running short of the light grey and the light blue yarn and that I haven't used any of the dark blue and very little of the dark grey. This has been a fun project, but it does get a little tedious. So far, I've only gotten behind by a few days, but since I've been keeping track of the sky colors in a little notebook I've been able to catch up quickly. I'm probably doing my scarf little bit different than other people. I look at the sky at noon and really do the color based on the color of the sky. For instance, I don't do anything different for rain other than the grey. Some people are adding beads of charms. The fun thing about this project is that the pattern is no more than a guideline; you add in your own creative touches if you want.