Saturday, January 16, 2010

Made in Haiti

Last night my friend Dana came over for wine, conversation and working on "Wreak this Journal". She also brought over some of her soft sculpture art work to show. Wonderful stuff this talented lady makes! Well, it got me thinking about a doll I had bought years ago. Couldn't tell you where I got it from. Some place local, I'm sure. It's one of those "topsy-turvy" dolls and I'm sure I got it around Valentine's Day. I pulled it out to show to Dana and it's little tag fell off in my hand. The tag said "Made in Haiti". WOW! Pray for those affected by the earthquake and do what you can to help.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Model Magic hearts

I was very fortunate last week to take off three days in a row from work to spend with my sixth grade son. We did all sorts of fun things, one of the best was making things with a ton of Model Magic. We had bought a tub of the stuff that contained four large packages of red, white, yellow and blue. Then we bought a couple of additional colors in smaller packages; orange and black. If you haven't tried it. This stuff is fantastic! It comes in all sorts of colors. Next time, I think we would only buy the small packages because a little does go a long way. We ended up having to invite over three other kids to help finish it off. The bad part is that once you open the package, you have to use it all up at once. It air dries in 24 hours, is really light when dry and depending upon the humidity in your house, it can start to dry out fairly quickly. We made all sorts of animals, toothbrush holders, smiley faces, and lots and lots of hearts. I made the ones above (28 of them!) to hang in my entryway from a wire card holder that is mounted to the wall. I loved the marbled effect.