Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Card making.

I love to make cards! Several years ago my son needed a card and a gift for a birthday party. We went to the store, purchased the gift and the card and as I was walking toward the car I thought that the cost was a little more than I had expected, so I looked at the reciept thinking we may have been mischarged. The card was $4.00 and that was for a plain, no frills card! At that point, I decided that I would make my own cards and have been doing so ever since.

Now I've decided that since I come up with some cards that I really like on occassion, I should take photos of them if I would ever want to reproduce them. A lot of the time, I'm just so-so happy with what I've done, but if I get something good, here it will be.

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aimee said...

Loved seeing your cards! Keep up the good work. Unfortunately, I've been needing to send out a steady stream of sympathy cards lately, so today did an "assembly line" and made a dozen at a time to have on hand. Wish I didn't need to send them though!