Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I sold a painting!

I have a couple of paintings hanging on the second floor in the new Zeeland Hospital. They have been there for about three years since the new hospital opened. Well, I sold one! I was so excited! I haven't sold a painting in years. The one that sold is of a single tree reflected in the water and it was titled "The Great Dismal Swamp". The picture was in watercolor and done from photos taken in Virginia. I can't locate a photo of that painting, but I thought I would include this one of Laketown beach. Having sold a painting gives me new inspiration to perhaps start painting again. I hung another in place of the "swamp" picture titled "The Badlands" which is another watercolor of, what else, the Badlands of South Dakota.

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aimee said...

That is great news! Maybe this is a sign that more sales of your paintings are on the way? I loved the painting you posted here. If I could paint like that I don't think I would have stopped painting, but that's my admiration showing, I guess.