Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Game board / Gift box

Awhile back I came across this tutorial for making a box out of an old game board. I thought this was something I might like to try sometime, so I added it to my Pinterest board.
Well, it's almost Christmas and I was looking for a way to wrap a gift card in an interesting way and this came to mind. However, I didn't have any old gameboards around the house and the ones from the thrift store were nothing special. Enter my friend Aimee, who gave me this gem from her collection. It is perfect since the recipient works in the banking industry.
I think it turned out OK. The only trouble I have is the lid and that I cut through the board and had to make a hinge from tape. I might have to come up with a different arrangement for holding the lid on. It was a fun project, quick and easy, but it does take some finese not to cut through the board when making the sides fold in.  
Here is the link if you would like to try this project for yourself.

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aimee said...

It turned out great - I doubt I would have done as well, but I would like to try this project some time. Let me know what the recipient thinks of it!