Monday, December 3, 2012

Sky Scarf, November, 2012

Only one more month to go! Can you feel the excitement? Yes, it will soon be Christmas and then New Year's Eve and... the Sky Scarf will be done! I have had projects that have taken more than a year to complete, but never one like this where you had to do something on it every day for a whole year. It has taken commitment, but I'm glad I've done it. After it's finished, I'll have a special post to recap.

You may wonder what the sky was doing on November 8 that made me use the rainbow colored yarn. Well, it was my birthday! I decided to do something different on that one day. I guess I could have commemorated other special dates, but I decided to do just this one for me alone. I cast on 46 stitches at the beginning of the year for this scarf because most of this year I was 46, but now I'm 47 and no, I didn't increase one stitch for the rest of the year's worth of scarf. :)

If you've followed the progress of my Sky Scarf; please leave me a comment. Let me know if you have been working on your own or if you think this is a project you are ready to take on. I'd love to know.


aimee said...

I was wondering about that one color being different - but of course, your birthday deserved something special, :)

Have been following your progress all year and admire your dedication to the project. Am looking forward to your year-end recap!

Robin V said...

I just stumbled on this pattern, and found yours. it is lovely! I like the rib pattern better than the straight garter.

I may try this myself (although it's obviously too late to start Jan 1), but based on the size of your scarf, I'll probably stick with the lace weight!