Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weight Watchers

Oops, (and) I (had to do) did it again!

I re-joined Weight Watchers after a four year absense and regaining all, plus two, pounds I lost five years ago. It's a great program. It worked for me before and I'm certain it will work for me again. I'm 154.4 pounds today and my goal is still set at 131 pounds. I'd love to be less than that and I really didn't want to have a goal, but since I'm a Lifetime Member, I think it's automatically set at whatever you first set it at. That screwed me up last time! I reached the goal, gave up and eventually it all came back. Hopefully, I've learned my lesson there. Again, I've joined with a friend.

I don't want to be this heavy anymore. I want to remember how I felt at this weight. I want to feel comfortable wearing anything in my closet; not just the elastic waist stretch pants. I want to wear the blue pants that are in my closet. I want my lower back and hips not to hurt anymore when I get up in the morning. I want more energy. I want ...

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Sandy..... said...

Weight Watchers *IS* a great program! It's been many years, but it really worked for me! Like you, five years and one baby later, I piled it back on. about a year ago, hubbby bought me some great free weights and an excerzise bike. I'm was at a 30lbs loss and got stagnant when the better wether hit. Thanks for reminding me to get off my rump!

By the way, you posted on my blog. My very brand new, just starting and was so please to see a comment!! Felt like Christmas!
(and I'm in between Flint and Birch Run....)