Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another good weigh in.

I had another good weigh in yesterday. I lost 2.8 pounds over the last week. I'm amazed that I've had three good losses in a row. Last time, they seemed to drop off to the 1/2 pound loss per week, right away after the first week. I am exercising a half hour on the treadmill every morning and recording my points online. I think I might be overestimating the points sometimes, but I'm not sure how to remedy that. Better to overestimate I think.

I stopped by my favorite coffee shop this morning. They were slow, so I asked for the caloric content of the chocolate syrup they use in the Mochas. This way, if I decide to have one on occasion, I can, and I know how many points to record (It's six points for a 16oz. "why bother" mocha, by the way.) and yes, I did order one. I had 3/4 cup of Cinnamon Life Cereal for two points earlier, so, that makes eight points for breakfast today. Maybe zero point soup for lunch and two points worth of those All Bran Garlic Herb crackers.

I know, I sound like I'm obsessing over this, and to begin with, I do. I love the Weight Watchers program because when you are doing the program IT WORKS! Maintence is a whole 'nother thang...

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