Thursday, July 31, 2008

A quick check in...

I dropped all of my paintings off at the RCA office in Grand Rapids this past Tuesday morning. Feels nice to have them out of my basement and up someplace where someone will see and maybe enjoy them. There were six large pieces and three small ones.

The scales at Weight Watchers yesterday said that I have lost one more pound. Not as great as I would like; but it's one more gone and after eating all that great food on Friday night, I should be thankful that it was a one pound loss.

We are getting ready for our vacation next week. I'm trying to do some "mental rehearsing" for what I'm going to eat while I'm there and how I'm going to get through two weeks until a weigh in and still have a loss. Appears I'm going to have to psych myself up...

Like I said, we are getting ready for our vacation next week. We have rented a cottage on Beaver Island. We will be taking the bikes. We all have paniers and will be loading them up with our clothes etc. We are also each taking a small backpack.

Check back on Monday, August 11. I'll be back to work and should have pictures and more up then.

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