Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Four! Count 'em! Four pounds lost!

I just wanted to record that I've lost four pounds this first week back at Weight Watchers! My friend lost 4.8 and I'm so proud of her! I am so motivated right now. I even "kicked it up a notch" ( I HATE that phrase!) and pushed myself on the treadmill this morning to walk faster and on more of an incline. The other thing I'm going to do to help my motivation is to have a picture posted someplace that I always look at of me at my heaviest and me when I lost all the weight last time.

Yes, I will blog about something other than WW, honest.

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Sandy..... said...

Congrats chickee!!
(as i just ate my brownie ice cream bar and complaining while geting dressed this morning how nothing fits!)

Actually, I lost 30, lifting weights and riding an excersize bike. Then the bike broke down! Then son's soccer started,then baseball, and now I'm just too busy in the summer...and I've put all 30 back on.

I was up to bench pressing 110 lbs. I'm so mad at myself. But I will continue to lurk here, cheer you on, and hopefully you will share some of your motivation with me!