Friday, September 26, 2008


Again, I'm getting a little slow with "popular culture". I just watched that new show "Fringe" this past week. I thought I'd only missed the first episode; but it looks like I missed the first two. It was the only thing on and my husband said, "Let's watch it." I said, "It's going to be just like "Lost", where you get hooked and after a few seasons, you're bored because it just goes on and on with no end in sight." (I'll watch it, but I'm not going to LIKE it!) But, I watch it and of course, end up hooked and loving it. What do these creators, producers, and writers know about me (and lots of other people) that hook us so fast to these new shows? So, now I'm busy trying to watch the first two episodes so that I can catch up on what's going on. Much more like X-files than Lost, but if you like them; you'll like Fringe.

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