Tuesday, May 6, 2008

(Hula) Hooping

I love YouTube and spend more time on it than I probably should. I subscribe to videos posted by Suzi Blu and love her creativity and positive attitude. Anyway, one of her latest videos have her hula hooping and I thought that it looked like so much fun.

As with everything, one thing leads to another and I came across some great instructional videos (on YouTube of course) on "hooping" and then I "googled" "hooping" and came across several recommendations for a man with a tutorial on his website about how to make your own hoops. Turns out that the hula hoops they sell in store are too small for adults, they are really kid's size, and that is the reason most adults can't do it. I always just thought it was because I am really uncoordinated.

All you need is some of that black pipe they use for underground sprinkling (They recommend 160 psi, 3/4".) and a connector. When you stand the hoop on the floor in front of you it should come mid way between your waist and shoulders. That's BIG! I found and used 100 psi, and the hoop cost me $4.50. I want to make another with the recommended 160 psi. That will cost a little more and will be a little heavier, which I would like to try. I have to shop around to see if I can find it by the foot. I used 11' to make mine. Once you get the hoop done you wind colored tapes around it for decoration, weight, and added friction.

I assembled my hoop this morning and tried it out and it worked! I was shocked! I will post a picture of the hoop and maybe even me hooping (shock, horror) when I get the decorating part done.


aimee said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'll be lookng forward to seeing your decorated hoop! Great exercise for waist and hips, I'm sure!


Becky - Stampin in the Tulip City said...

Can't wait to see that video! You are a hoot!