Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coffee cozies and current projects

I came across this pattern for felted coffee cozies a little while back and with the help in the form of donated scrap wool yarn from a co-worker friend, I now have three done. They are so cute and the colors are great! Can't wait to use them myself. No burnt fingers from too hot cups and sometimes my coffee shop doesn't give them out. I really like the feel good idea of reusing these instead of throwing out the paper ones all the time too.
On a side note, I finally got my scrapbooking done! Last night! Current through May 16 too! Projects are finishing up. I've still got two scarfs in the works and would love to have mittens done before winter hits again; but I really have to start painting again. I seem to have lots of excuses to keep from starting again. It's just been a long time and maybe I'm a little afraid to see how rusty I've gotten with the paint brush. I really would love to show some new work too. If you want inspiration check out Suzi Blu's videos on youtube or her blog.

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Becky - Stampin in the Tulip City said...

Love these Coffee Cozies...they are fab!