Monday, May 19, 2008

Additions to my blog...

I've added a couple of things to my blog that I thought I'd call attention to.

The first one is the "Drawing Day 08" on June 7, 2008. Now, I came across this after following a few links on some artist's blogs and thought it sounded like fun, so check it out. I usually find out about these events the week after they've happened; so it was nice to be ahead of this one for once.

The second thing I added is the "playlist". Now, the things I listen to vary greatly on a day to day basis. Sometimes it's the heavy metal I listened to in high school and college and other times it's Christian rock and other times it's current Top 40 stuff. It's way fun to it added here.

Oh, and I removed the "Countdown to my 50th birthday." I just thought that was stupid after I'd done it; so it's gone. Not that that will stop me from turning 50 some 2000 or so days from now.

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