Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, here it is, a week before Christmas and the Christmas cards are finally out, and the tree and stockings are up.

Here are a few pictures of the cards I made this year. These in addition to some I made last year, but didn't send and some store bought cards are what I sent out this year.

I've done these cross stitch cards before. The idea came from the Better Homes and Gardens Country Crafts Christmas Edition magazine from 1990. The pattern was for a sampler, but they also had the idea to do some of the motifs on perforated paper, cut them out and use them on cards. I had a great time using some scrapbook paper for the backgrounds (something that wasn't around in 1990).

I was short a couple of cards and decided to make a couple cheery looking cards using the Iris Folding technique. I like the look of it and even though it looks complicated, it's really simple.

And, because I know my friend Aimee reads this blog and I love her's. here are a few interior Christmas shots.

I only pick ornaments that mean something to my family. Perhaps an interest or a hobby, but there is a connection between each one and us.

My mom and dad cross stitched us these Christmas stockings back in 1998 after Jarod was born. Yes, BOTH of my parents cross stitch. I love them and these stockings too. I believe they've done one for every member of their family and even some friends too. Lots of work and love went into these.

This is the is the coffee/tea service table in my dining room. I'm not sure where the table came from originally. I believe it was my husband's grandmother's table. My mother in law was using it as a laundry room table for her detergent (horrors), so after much begging, he bought her a shelf and took this home. It needed a lot of work and refinishing, but it looks great here. It is a drop leaf table. We went to a Bed & Breakfast that had one of these electric kettles and I really wanted one after that. So, now I have my own set up and use it often.

Now, I'm off to build a "yarn swift" so that I can be ready to start the Sky Scarf for 2012. Merry Christmas to all!

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aimee said...

Thanks for showing off your Christmas decor and that lovely old table you have! Love the stockings your folks made and I'm sure that everyone who gets one of your cross-stitched Christmas cards will leave it out for a long time.