Thursday, November 3, 2011

Definitely a TREAT!!!

Well, my yarn arrived and I consider it a TREAT. I'm sure this photo doesn't do this yarn justice. This is what I received for the "Trick or Treat" from The Buffalo Wool Company. It has no label, so I have no idea which of their yarns this is. No big deal though since they said that these were all random skeins and some wouldn't be labeled. I assume this is made from Bison fleece and it looks to be close to a worsted weight. The color looks black in this photo, but upon closer examination it looks like a combination of dark brown, green and black. I immediately thought this would be a great stocking cap for the hubby. Stay tuned as this may be going on the needles sooner than later.

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aimee said...

Thanks for showing off what you got, and have fun using it!