Monday, May 4, 2009

Watch my garden grow!

Two or more years ago, I tore out all the shrubs from the area by our front door and last year promised Bob that I would have something in there this year. Last week, we leveled out the area, using our first wheelbarrow in 15 years of marriage to haul a ton of dirt to the back yard. Well, this past Saturday, it got finished! I even went nuts and planted marigolds in the windowboxes and had enough for a hanging basket and two large pots. We had bought two flats and ended up returning one to get more mulch. That area took five bags! The rocks were already there, in fact, we didn't even use them all, the rest are along the road. Can you spot the two fake rocks? They are covering utilities and I intend to do some faux painting on them soon to make them look more "rockish". The plants in the front are: Blue Fescue grass, Batchelor Buttons, Purple Fountain grass and some kind of lavendar, I forget the exact name. They look a little sparce at the moment, but figure two to three years before the plants reach their full size and maturity.

Yesterday, I bought and planted six strawberry plants in one of the three half-wine barrels we bought to place in the area where we tore out some shrubs in the back yard. More vegetables to plant when the selection of plants is better. We'll probably do that after Tulip Time.

Oh, and I finally am going to get my clothesline up. Bought one of those retractable jobbies from Menards on sale yesterday. Bob loves the smell of sheets dried on the line and we haven't been able to do that at this house yet. I can't wait.


Unapologetic Me said...

Your flowers and landscape look amazing!!! And lucky for me to live across the street ... I get to admire them often. ;) Someday, I'll get there, too.

Congrats on a job well done and DO enjoy those line-dried sheets. Ahhhhh.

KayakChickee said...

Thanks Dana! Now we're talking about continuing across the front and around the side, but that will be awhile.

aimee said...

Looks great, Libby! I've been waiting for it to warm up a bit more before I do much planting - they're talking about a chance of frost tonight! Farmer's Market opens on Wednesday - I plan on getting some bedding plants there. I want a retractable clothesline as well - just have to figure out where to put it.

KayakChickee said...

Aimee, We got our retractable clothesline at Menards. I think they are $45. It is a huge thing; five lines that stretch to 35 feet! We didn't mount ours exactly right, but it seems to work fine. They are supposed to be mounted 72 inches high and the unit is supposed to be parallel to where you mount the bracket. Ours is a little "off" in both areas.