Monday, August 11, 2008

The Toy Museum

If you go to Beaver Island; you have got to go to the Toy Museum and Store! They are open daily from 11-4 and if you go at 11, they are packed! This is quite the place! The inside is packed with art supplies, jewelry supplies, old toy displays and then tons and tons of dime store plastic toys. I can't even begin to describe this. It's a definite must see, regardless of age and be sure to check out the huge supply of handmade buttons. I've got my "Obama Mama" one. They were out of the "Artists make terrible slaves" button that I was dying to have.

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Sandy..... said...

Looks wonderful! So many people, especially fellow Michiganders, don't realize (or maybe take for granted) Michigan is a great place to vacation - especially when we live here and it's only a matter of a couple hours driving time!

I'd love to see this toy museum!