Thursday, May 22, 2014


A number of years ago when I was working retail. I had the good fortune of working with a very creative person who became a good friend. She has since moved and it's tough to maintain a friendship over the miles. I was reminded of my friend recently as I was going through some old jewelry. I came across this pin she had made me. We both hated retail and longed for something better. We felt like our minds were becoming mush.  I can't believe this pin has survived since it's really nothing more than paper covered in plastic.  I still love it and it's simple meaning.

I've noticed recently that cross stitch is making a something of a come back. There are some really nice cross stitch magazines from across the pond, such as CROSS STITCHER and some fun books here too. Great designers pushing the envelope. I love this. I hadn't cross stitched in years, but seeing some updated, fresh looking designs made me want to pick up the needle again.

After stitching up a few designs from CROSS STITCHER, I decided to pull out that MIND MUSH pin and try my hand at interpreting it in cross stitch. I used materials I had on hand. If you would like to stitch your own, you can download the FREE pattern here.

I had originally intended this to be a more durable pin to wear, but it turned out a little larger than I thought, so I ended up making a card from it. Guess who I'm sending this card to? Yes, I hope she likes it too.


aimee said...

Very cool pattern and it's neat that you supplied it for people to use too!

As for me, I find that my mind turns to mush when winter sets in and it doesn't un-mush until spring shows up. Ugh.

I've worked in retail as well and it can be challenging. said...

Awesome pattern! so colorful and super cute! I love it.