Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sky Scarf, August, 2012

Here is my Sky Scarf update for August. The scarf is now 3/4 done as is 2012. Thought I would include in this month's photo the little "Hello Kitty" notebook that I am keeping track in. I mark the dates down the page, two columns, make note of the sky and check off the rows when done. This summer, I would get a little behind on the knitting portion, just noting the sky. September has begun and I'm actually looking forward to adding a little more grey and white into the scarf in the coming months. Now is a good time to start preparing if you want to do your own sky scarf. Take a look back in the Sky Scarf posts for more information about the yarn I'm using (Cascade 220 Fingering) and the "pattern" (Leafcutter Designs). The gal over at Leafcutter Designs also has a conceptual knitting pattern involving social networking. Check it out.

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aimee said...

Great photo - that is one awesome-looking scarf! It was interesting to see how you keep track of what to knit every day as well.