Monday, July 2, 2012

CRUSH Updates!

Here is CRUSH and Squirt at their new home for the summer of 2012.

Our neighbor is gone, so I was able to take some good pictures this past weekend.

This year we purchased a new main sail and this is right after we put it on a raised it. It's just a plain white sail, no logo or anything.

The red blob on the front is the new foredeck bag I made to hold either the jib or the genoa sail. It fastens with a zipper right to the front stay. We just added a bungie extension to the halyard that holds up the back of the bag off the deck, so that it's not suspended so high up.

Now I have to start sewing on the main sail cover. I purchased the instructions for the foredeck bag and the main sail cover from Sailrite. I really recommend them. In addition to selling the instructions, they also sell complete kits and have really helpful FREE instructional videos.

The other update to CRUSH this year, was the new grey paint on all the non-skid surfaces. We think she looks great and not at all her age. (She is 30 years old!)

See Squirt hiding out under the dock? After many trips to various motor doctors, my wonderful husband was able to fix it himself, so we have a full functional dinghy this year. Great for taking across Kalamazoo Lake for fun. If you look close you can even see the (rubber) snakes we keep on both boats to try to defer the swallows from crapping on them (the boats, that is, marginal success).

BTW. CRUSH is a 1972 Helms 25. Hull #44.

Here is one photo of the interior. The curtains are also new this year. Gone are the bright red print.


aimee said...

What a great post! Although the Sky Scarf is great, I LOVED seeing the pics of your "new" bike, Crush and Squirt - all fabulous! Yes, Crush looks much younger than her age - you folks have been taking good care of him.

KayakChickee said...

Humorously, we ran into her previous owners this past weekend too. They had come down from Grand Haven on their newish boat. They had walked by CRUSH and noticed it was a Helms and then realized it was their old boat. Of course, we've done quite a bit to it since then.