Friday, April 6, 2012

My "Long Pom Pom Cowl".

I LOVE the Purl Soho websites. They have so many wonderful projects and tutorials in knitting, crochetting and sewing, that I regularly find something I am dying to make. If you haven't taken a look, you really must. Seriously! If you are like me, you really find more projects you'd like to do than you have the time and/or money to finish. Anyway, last week they posted this photo on Facebook of some of their more recent projects. I think it was of a display at their store. I had been wanting to make this "Long Pom Pom Cowl" ever since I saw it on the website in September of 2011.

So, this week, I ran off to my local fabric store and purchased the supplies and started sewing. It calls for a half yard of linen and four yards of pom pom trim. It cost me less than $15 to make. This isn't a difficult project, but the linen fabric can be a little slippery to work with, so use your iron to crease the edges and lots of pins or basting. I also changed the pattern a bit and made a rolled seam connecting the ends into a cowl BEFORE I added the pom pom trim. I thought it made for a nicer finished back seam.

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aimee said...

Looks great - thanks for showing it off! You are brave - I would be hesitant to show off a close-up of my machine sewing! :)