Friday, January 27, 2012

"Two for One" or "WOW! Two Posts in One day!"

Every year, Holland Friends of Art puts on an outdoor craft fair called "Art in the Park". It is held in August in Centennial Park here in Holland, Michigan. I have participated in it once and when I was on the board was involved in it in other ways. Anyway, years ago they started holding a poster competition for the members and this year I decided to enter a piece for it. Here it is. I didn't think it would hurt to show my entry here since probably only one or two people will even see it. I like how it turned out. I used only Sharpie brand markers for this. I love Sharpies but have never really used them for artwork. That might change. There are lots of colors available and some limited edition colors too, I might have to do some shopping to fill out my palette.

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aimee said...

That is SO cool! You'll have to tell me how you came up with the graphics.