Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome to the Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Virtual Tour!

Dear fans, followers, friends, etc.,
(Ya know, BOTH of you!)
I am participating in the Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Virtual Tour,
October 15-17 here on my blog.
Welcome to my studio!

This wonderful heavy wood table came from a local restaurant that had a fire, probably 16 years ago. It stunk from smoke, but after it was cleaned up, it made a perfect work surface for the shop.

I love to collect rocks, thinking I'll polish them or whatever in the future. I just started crocheting around them. I've got a very small collection of Gwen Frostic prints too.

Here is a small piece of cork board stuck on one of my cabinet doors. Attached is my first piece of freeform knitting, a wristband from the release party for the seventh Harry Potter book, my first try at knitting a peace sign and my favorite... my "Mind Mush" pin that my friend Jean made back when we were both working retail.

Since I live in an area that has many office furniture manufacturers; I was able to get this portion of a work cubical and turn it into a designated sewing area. The cabinet has some patterns and fabric in it and I use the keyboard drawer for thread and bobbins. The upper cabinets do have doors that close, but they are open in this photo.

Here is another wonderful table that my wonderful husband made for me. It weighs a TON and is perfect for watercolor painting on. My latest work is in the foreground.

When my church tore down it's parsonage, I was able to get these kitchen cabinets. My husband put up a partial wall and installed these. I won't get into the blood, sweat and tears part of this story. Yes, that's some dry erase board on the walls. My studio is not quite a quarter of the basement in our house. The other half of the basement is semi-finished and the other quarter opposite my studio is my husband's shop.

Our old stereo.

One of these old drafting chairs belonged to my father in law, the other was purchased in a secondhand shop quite a few years ago.

The old file cabinet was from my brother in law who was a builder/developer. He didn't need it anymore, so he gifted it to me. We put it up on wood blocks to raise it up off the floor. I use it for watercolor paper, drawing pads, other papers and artwork. I love it!

Who doesn't need shelving? These are some of my artbooks, magazines, photos, and other reference materials. It also holds tote bags and some frames.

These cabinets hold my stash of yarn (though you can see the overflow in the plastic bins), patterns, art supplies, and lots of other things.

Now, if you made it all the way to the end...

Thank you so much for coming to visit my virtual studio!


If you would like to leave a comment just to let me know where you are visiting from,
I would LOVE that!



aimee said...

Looks fantastic - thanks for showing it off! You've got some great tables and storage pieces there! That whiteboard area is cool too. I am envious.

Kate said...

I love the wooden table. I love old tables they add great interest to a space.

Knit n Sew Studio by Debbie said...

Great space! Thanks for giving us a tour!

KayakChickee said...

Thanks for visiting! I guess I fell under the catagory of not cleaning up before taking pictures. What a mess! The complete opposite of my full time office at work. lol

Susan said...

I love your use of old furniture, it gives it such a cozy feel. I live on the east coast of Florida.

Miss Sandy said...

First off let me say that you art is amazingly beautiful, love the painting. The whiteboard is a great idea. That big wooden table is awesome! Great space, thank you for sharing your creative haven.

Jeannie said...

Thank you for sharing your studio. Your watercolors are wonderful. The tulips will be the perfect antidote to gray January days. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the peek into your creative space!

KayakChickee said...

Visitors, Thanks again for stopping by! Wish I could've shared some virtual apple pie with you all. Maybe next time. I've got ideas from seeing everyone's studios that I would love to impliment in mine.

Anonymous said...

Lovely studio. Thanks for sharing;
Jane fromSacramento

Anonymous said...

I really don't know how to get in touch with you. Need help with your free Michigan State Spartan dishcloth pattern. On Row 14 you only have 39 stitches in the pattern, it should have 47stitches. Please correct the pattern, on Raverly web site. Thank you

Oh one more thing, do you have the letter "S", for MSU also. Thanks again

KayakChickee said...


If you see this post. I have edited the Spartan washcloth. Thank you so much for being specific about which rows the errors were on! I will have to make an "S" now! Thanks for the idea. I will do that soon.