Monday, March 22, 2010

Notepads from recycled materials

I've been making notepads out of office paper (copied on one side) for years now. People seem to love them and I like making them; though I can't always keep up with the demand. Last night, I had the idea to make little covers for them out of recycled cereal, snack, and tissue boxes and here are what they look like.

They are all different sizes, but all are 1/2 inch thick. The pages are glued in with padding compound and meant to be removed. (These are scratch pads, not journals.) I only had time and boxes to make six this morning, but I know I'll be making more.


Jessica Griffin said...

Love these!! They're amazing!!

Paula Cravens said...

Cool, I have always loved the sun maid raisin girl. I will have to try this. Great blog. I found you throught the spooky virtual tour.