Thursday, December 18, 2008

December activity

It's been a LONG time since my last entry. I've just been so addicted to the rapid release of Facebook; but I really miss blogging, so here it is.

The right mitten to match the left that I started ages ago is almost done (see photo above). Gotta finish that before I start ANYTHING else. I hate unfinished projects! It may be done today at lunch or tonight at Jarod's Tae Kwon Do lesson.
On the subject of Jarod and Tae Kwon Do. Jarod will test on January 10 to be accepted to Black Belt camp classes at Chan's Martial Arts. He will then be taking Black Belt classes twice a week in addition to his regular twice a week class; that will make four classes a week! I'll keep you posted on this.
The Christmas cards are out and the presents are wrapped. Never did any projects out of that Christmas magazine; though I suppose there is still time. I may have to look that over tonight (yes, after the mitten knitting). There were some darling Candy Cane holders that I wanted to make. Still have four or five of the fabric hearts left that I may give out as small gifts. Not sure if I like them well enough anymore to gift them to anyone.
(Hanna, Don't read this next part if you haven't received and opened my gift.)
Finished the knitted leg warmers for the Free People swap. They turned out super cute! Gonna have to make myself a pair; just cast on five stitches for one of them this morning. I'm going to knit both at once again; that worked out really good. You don't get one done and then still have to knit the other. I want to knit one or two more pairs of wristlets; one for me one for a friend. I want to add thumbs to at least one of them; so the fit will have to be more exact. Ooh ooh ooh and I still want to knit that shawl out of Noro Silk Garden. Yes, even with my stash I may have to buy some more yarn. Online though, since the local store that sells Noro is staffed with screamin' meanies.

Got a commission yesterday to paint three dalmations for someone I did a dog painting for several years ago (See "Dusty" above.). But I really have to clean up my studio in preparation for that. Not sure when I'll get the photos to start. Does God have to speak so loudly to me sometimes?

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