Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"New post" day and other news.

I haven't posted anything is quite awhile, so instead of spreading all these posts out over several days, I decided to share everything at once.

Please check out my "other" blog for a couple of new paintings too. There is an ATC sized one from a beach on PEI and one of "Lulu" that was done for a gift. I've started painting again since I've got a lot of photo reference material from our trip last summer to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. I have a piece of 300# watercolor paper stretched on a board and will start the preliminary drawing soon. The photo I'm working from is the one from an earlier post of these lobster shacks on PEI (Prince Edward Island).

And...This Saturday, June 7 is DRAWING DAY! See the link to the right for more details. I'll be drawing in a Moleskine that I bought months ago and haven't touched because it's all nice and new and clean. But now I have this new idea (new to me at least) that I'm not going to save my sketchbooks, I'm going to USE them! What good are they if they are kept on the shelf?


ktbelle said...

oh this is the first i heard of drawing day. i will defintely be drawing on the 7th then i need to get into drawing more often so this will be a little push. thanks for the info!

Becky - Stampin in the Tulip City said...

Hi Libby, I finally returned your Praying in Color book...I really enjoyed it. Just leaving a comment to encourage others to read it too.

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

I have never heard of this day.

I just love, love, love my moleskine. I get the sketch one with extra heavy paper. You get less sheets but you can get away with using wetter media.